Royalty Distributions

We pay our members as frequently as possible and are currently investing in new technologies that will transform the way we do business, with a view to distributing royalties on a monthly basis.

$259.2 million paid to APRA AMCOS members and affiliates (+1.2%)

Distribution Update

Over the past year, we improved the way royalties for subscription television are analysed and distributed in a number of ways:
  1. We are now analysing a broad range of channels for distributions, rather than being restricted to music, movie and entertainment channels only.
  2. Audience ratings are now taken into account when calculating revenue for each channel. Previously this was based on music content only.
  3. Pass-through channels were included in the distribution for the first time (i.e. direct-to-home channels that do not have any local programming or interstitials inserted by the local pay TV operators).

A great deal of work is also being done to harmonise our distribution rules and practices for both APRA and AMCOS, with a view to easing the transition to the Copyright Licensing Enterprise Facility (CLEF). These changes, when implemented in the new system, will both streamline the operation of CLEF and remove any systemic anomalies that currently exist between our distribution practices.

Payments to Members and Affiliates

Made By Music

"Live Performance Return payments provide the funds to keep touring, register a car or fund a new guitar case. I lodge mine every year and last year I bought a 68' Gibson J200 and managed to finalise my studio album recording with the cheque.”
Adelaide songwriter and APRA AMCOS member, Kaurna (Winner of the Emily Burrows Award, the Folk Alliance Youth Award 2015 and Best Acoustic Act at the Fowlers Live Music Awards)