Government and International
APRA AMCOS takes a broad and strategic approach to government and international relations. Key in all conversations is APRA AMCOS’ role in advocating for creators’ rights and the cultural and economic value of those rights. Our partnerships with government have enjoyed countless success stories this year and we’ve played an active role in policy developments across government portfolios.


Our SongMakers mentoring program, a joint initiative with the Federal Government, has brought APRA AMCOS Ambassadors into 50 secondary schools to foster songwriting collaborations, teach technical skills in music production and educate students on intellectual property. This year, Akosita Masima (Year 10) and Year 12 students Alexander Sunia, Junior Papalii and Nathan Edwards from Sydney’s Campbelltown Performing Arts High School co-wrote ‘Live How You Wanna’ with help from APRA AMCOS Ambassadors Robert Conley and Rai Thistlethwayte. The catchy creation stood out from more than 200 songs and was chosen as part of the United Nation’s World IP Day.

“It was a great experience, not only for me but also for my friends, to make music with industry professionals and share it with a broad audience. Working with Rai and Rob was amazing – it was the first time we have had the opportunity to record our own track and we all learned a lot about the process of producing our own music.’’
Student songwriter Junior Papalii on SongMakers


SongHubs is an APRA AMCOS initiative supported by the Federal Government that partners established APRA AMCOS songwriters with renowned international songwriters, artists and producers. The program focuses on exposing Australian APRA AMCOS members to international co-writing opportunities, to bring new songs to international and local markets.

To date, 19 SongHubs have been held worldwide delivering over 200 new musical works, with almost 25% of the works commercially released or the subject of film and/or television synchronisation deals. Over the past 12 months 10 SongHubs songwriting camps were held in Sydney, Adelaide, Los Angeles, Nashville, Toronto, Mumbai, London and Ubud.

“The main benefit of SongHubs is the relationships that develop, you tend to bond with the people you work with at these writing camps and that’s one of the main reasons I enjoyed taking part. SongHubs allowed me to pick the brains of these master songwriters, learn their process and really be thrown in the deep end. Collaborating with people from all over the world really enriches the whole songwriting experience, it’s almost like people from Europe have a different view to people from LA. The musical influences vary and it allows for a really creative session."
M-Phazes, Producer and APRA AMCOS member

This year CMJ in New York saw 59 Australian acts showcase their talents through Sounds Australia – the largest number ever to perform under the one united banner.


Sounds Australia

Sounds Australia, our music export initiative in partnership with the Federal Government, has supported an unprecedented number of Australian acts overseas this year. 261 bands, duos and solo acts performed at 33 showcase events produced by Sounds Australia. These all-Australian lineups put our members in front of some of the world’s most influential bookers, buyers, agents, labels and promoters. Sounds Australia has also expanded its activities into diverse territories and specialised genres, from Music Matters in Singapore, MixRadio in Mumbai, through to Americana, WOMEX and Folk Alliance International.


Live Music Office

Established by the Federal Government, in partnership with APRA AMCOS, the Live Music Office was set up to review the impact of policy frameworks on the Australian live music sector to grow performance opportunities for Australian musicians. This year has seen the growth of grassroots policy developments. On a local government level, the cities of Sydney, Wollongong, Melbourne and Adelaide have tabled live music plans and strategies, as have Leichhardt and Marrickville Sydney Councils. The Live Music Office also implemented its ‘Live and Local’ pilot event for a second time, illustrating the cultural and economic benefits of hosting live music in local communities. Curated by APRA AMCOS Ambassador Louis Schoorl, Kings Cross IGNITE: Heat The Street! took place in November and saw 40 acts perform across 15 venues, breathing life into a historically vibrant area of Sydney.

Pictured: APRA AMCOS Ambassador Leah Flanagan performs at World Bar for Kings Cross IGNITE.

Starting Ground

APRA AMCOS successfully secured funding from the NSW Government for Starting Ground this year, a brand new program to develop the music careers of Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander (ATSI) songwriters. The funding will be provided through Arts NSW over three years to implement skills development workshops in regional areas, as well as mentoring and ongoing professional development for three ATSI artists. Having secured this initial funding, APRA AMCOS plans to engage more government funding partners over the next year to further develop the program.

Submissions to Government

Our government relationships have expanded to reach more diverse portfolios this year. APRA AMCOS senior management met with the Federal Attorney General, Federal and State Ministers for Arts, Communications, Education and Trade as well as the Shadow Attorney General, Ministers for Arts and Communications and key Independents.

APRA AMCOS also made formal submissions to the Harper Review on Australia’s competition law and the Australian Joint Committee on Trade and Investment in relation to the benefits of Free Trade Agreements.

A key focus was The Copyright Amendment (Online Infringement) Bill 2015. APRA AMCOS was prominently involved in its development and consulted with government and industry extensively before the Bill was passed in June this year. Senior management and the CEO met with the Attorney-General’s Department and Communications Department on numerous occasions, as well as participated in roundtable meetings between rights holders and ISPs.

International Relations

Our International Department continues to do great work in the Asia Pacific, positioning APRA AMCOS as a regional leader in performing and mechanical rights collection. They have also improved their monitoring and revenue tracking in Europe and North America - our two major trading partners.

Scot Morris, our Director of International and Chair of CISAC’s Asia Pacific Committee, has travelled to Brussels, Taiwan, China, Singapore, Tokyo, Vanuatu and the Philippines over the past year. This involved meeting with societies, governments, rights owners and users such as broadcasters and digital service providers (DSPs), as well as leading workshops and seminars on copyright.

Key highlights include hosting a visit by the CEO and Head of International of UK music collecting society, PRS for Music, to discuss current international issues and trends in music licensing and collective management.

The International Department also hosted a week-long training visit to APRA by twenty-two senior managers from the Korean music collecting society, KOMCA.

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“It was an amazing experience. Everything I had ever wanted to do, I got the opportunity to do it. To work with people who are so good at their craft was amazing talent development. It has definitely changed the way I approach things. I hadn’t done a lot of co-writing or writing for other artists before and now I’m really motivated by seeing how well it worked and what came out of it.”
Sonia De Pellegrin

At just 17 years of age, Sonia de Pellegrin has grown from a school student participating in SongMakers, to a promising up-and-coming songwriter. At 50 Songs in 5 Days, an offshoot of our SongHubs program, she co-wrote three songs including East’s successful single ‘The Alley’. She also met producer Nathan Eshman at the songwriting camp, who is now mentoring her through her debut EP.