How We Work

We’re collaborative, consultative and committed to improving our systems and services

We’re investing in technology

Over the past year, APRA AMCOS commenced a core system replacement project to improve our service offering in the years ahead.

New writer portal

A new and improved writer member portal was developed and implemented to bring new functionality and streamlined processes to writer members.

Online Portal for Uploading Songs
The Online Portal for Uploading Songs (OPUS) went live for jingle members, allowing them to upload audio recordings of their works, as we invest in music recognition technology to improve the accuracy of royalties paid to members.
Our new business platform

Accenture Avanade was engaged to design and implement the Copyright Licensing Enterprise Facility (CLEF). It is anticipated that CLEF will transform the way we deliver our services and manage our business practices, data and systems.

Publisher portal

APRA AMCOS’ publisher members currently transact with APRA AMCOS via a direct connection to our current system, therefore a new interface is required in the move to CLEF. Accenture will also undertake the work of creating a new web-based portal for publishers.

Member Consultation

We value the knowledge and opinions of our members and have developed a number of advisory groups to consult with key sectors of our membership. These groups met regularly over the year to discuss and advise on the best way to make changes to our systems and services.

Our Jingle Advisory Group (JAG) and Club Music Advisory Group (CMAG) investigated the use of music recognition technology, to improve the data that’s used for royalty distributions. Staff also consulted with members on streamlining royalty distributions for live performances. The SongHubs Advisory Group (SHAG) was also created to inform the strategy and outcomes of SongHubs, our international co-writing initiative.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

This year, Resolution Pathways was successfully launched - a new, improved and independent Alternative Dispute Resolution facility for music creators and customers. Developed as part of our re-authorisation by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC), Resolution Pathways now provides our members and music customers with an effective way of resolving disagreements with each other and APRA AMCOS in a non-confrontational and independent way.

To ensure we are accountable to our members, music customers and the community, we seek authorisation by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC). Last year, we were granted re-authorisation for five years. We also choose to subscribe to the voluntary Copyright Collecting Society Code of Conduct that has found us to be compliant each year.
“CLEF gives us the perfect opportunity to do some ‘spring cleaning’ of our whole organisation. It’s exciting to see it work - seeing the ideas that people have had over the last few years finally become a tangible reality… I’ve worked at a few organisations and I’ve found the people at APRA AMCOS are less self-serving, more cooperative and happier to come to work and try to do a good job.”
Derek Cameron, 2014 Employee of the Year, Distribution Subject Matter Expert in the CLEF Project Team.