Who We Are

We are agile, astute, fair and human

As a non-profit organisation, we pride ourselves on employing staff that are passionate about what they do. We foster the creativity and commitment of our people through a range of staff benefits. These include paid parental leave, programs to encourage higher education, leadership and skills development, mental health awareness, mentoring and in-house training programs.
APRA Board

APRA AMCOS employs 342 people

54% of our staff are female

“I love working for APRA AMCOS because I believe in the core of what we do - supporting songwriters and publishers in different ways that enables the creative process to make music that enriches people’s lives. I work with some amazing people who are supportive, nurturing, creative and downright hilarious. The company understands the value of the people that work here and that without happy and content staff, none of this would work.”
Gillian Dunn (Deputy Director, Publisher Services) has been with APRA AMCOS for 16 years.